Thursday, May 12, 2016

The best gift I ever received

What's the best gift you've ever gotten? I can tell you mine. It was from my husband on the Christmas right before I opened The French Hen.  I think in Rob's mind it was a "stocking stuffer" level gift. It was a book titled "A Shop of One's Own" and it meant so much to me. The expensive sapphire earrings were meant to be the star,  but in my heart it was all about that little book. I cried when I opened it and just typing this got a little misty thinking back . I felt understood and acknowledged and that meant everything.

As you can imagine, I think about gifts a lot. Not so much about receiving them, but giving them and what makes a great gift great. I help people pick out presents for their loved ones everyday and have witnessed some very interesting gift-buying styles over the years. While there are the confident and decisive gift givers,  I would say that the indecisive and uncertain ones make up the majority of shoppers. When someone comes in with that obvious, "on a mission" posture, I jump in to assist. A good starting point is price because everyone knows how much they can afford to spend and I respect that. And price is just the first filter. And then- what are the recipient's interests? Gardening, yoga, preppy stuff, cooking, TV, nature, music, dragonflies, big earrings, apple pie, pink, entertaining, family? Just a little nugget, anything at all. What is their age? I could never suggest the fabulous peony-scented candle in mercury glass for an elderly lady or a teenager for that matter (danger Will Robinson). I would never suggest a figurine for someone that is described as a "hoarder" (actually happened today-no lie!) but instead a "consumable" like organic french soap or shea butter hand cream. My advice, whether you are shopping at The French Hen or any other gift boutique, is to allow the shop keepers to help you...we have the intel on every product on the shelves. We know the trends and can make great is after all, what we do.  It's very satisfying to hear about a gift that hits the mark from my store.

So anyway...its graduation time and we have some really nice selections for those who are about to launch into the future. Come on in and I will help you find something wonderful.

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