Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Galentine's Day

has she been your rock? how about a heart shaped stone for $5.95

Galentine's Day is February 13th and it's all about the girls! It's a chance to show those amazing strong women in your life that you appreciate them. Leslie Knope, from the old show Parks & Recreation, created this unofficial holiday back in 2010. While the 14th will forever and ever be about your significant other, February 13th is about cheering on your sheroes, your BFFs, your "one phone call", your alibi, your ride or dies. Show them a little love.
could she use a bit of pampering? a sheet mask for $2.95

Monday, January 22, 2018


Tips for creating a Hygge Atmosphere

The feeling of cozy there is no where else you want to be. 

1. First, light a candle or two or six or seven...candlelight is hygge deluxe.

2. Play calm music that can serve as the background to your daydreams, meditation or conversation.
3. Layer textures in your home with cozy throws or blankets, add pillows and wooden elements like trays and bowls...keep the color palette soft and simple.

4. Warmth...turn up the thermsostat a smidge, slip on comfortable, soft clothes and socks, light a fire in the fireplace, put down a rug, and once your settled- enjoy a nice hot cup of tea or cocoa.

5. Infuse your home with good, baked bread, or incense if you like it.
6. Indulge in a quiet pleasure like reading, doing a puzzle or watching a favorite movie.

7. Enjoy simple cuisine like soups or fresh fruits.
8. Here's a simple one...tidy up. 
9, Bring a little nature inside...a beautiful arrangement of flowers or a bunch of sculptural branches.

10. Practice gratitude. Hygge or no hygge, gratitude makes life richer.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017


What we are loving today...FinchBerry Soaps! All natural food grade ingredients...but don't bite them. LOVE these! Vegan, Artisan, preservative free and made in the USA!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

make mine french.... gifts for the francophiles

a porcelain box inside another little box

too awesome to just hang on your tree...this guy stays out all year

Paris is always a good idea

chin chin

Monday, January 23, 2017

Not so New Neutrals, ahhhhh

Have you been shopping lately or had the chance to leisurely leaf through any new catalogs?

The trend that I am picking up on for spring is serenity, eco-chic, spa, super chill and not fussy. Colors are soft and muted, grays, oatmeal, cream, heather-ed pink and maybe a pop of navy if you dare. The fab bright tangerines and fuchsias that we've come to expect with springtime palettes aren't showing up at all and frankly would look garish in the sea of tranquility that seems to be favored. 

We are seeing this trend in everything from clothing, entertaining and even in baby. 

Could this be a response to what's happening in the ugly world of politics...? I think consumers need to feel a bit of calm and what better place to feel it than in our homes and wardrobes? That's my take on what's new....what do you think?

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Holiday Gift Guide from The French Hen, Part One

Here we are! It's holiday time and we are full of ideas for your gift list. As you know, we comb the aisles at the NYNOW giftshow and the floors and floors of America's Mart in Atlanta looking for the most fabulous decorations and gifts... ALL FOR YOU! We do this several times a year and it's always a thrill to see what we selected last January come together- nearly a full year later. This post is Part One of our "gift guide".    Here goes:

Sugarfina gummies....yes. please. candy for grownups. This stuff is the bomb....the concept, the packaging, it's chic, it's hip. If you have a girlfriend that wants to be on trend  pick up a cube of Sugarfina's Bubbly Bears...$20. I almost forgot the most important factoid: they are infused with Dom Perignon Champagne. insert mic drop here.
Simon Pearce Vermont Evergreen Trees

Simon Pearce Vermont Evergreen trees...elegant in their beauty and simplicity. I want a full forest of these for my kitchen windowsill. Did you hear that Rob? They are available in several sizes, some with pure silver infused in the glass, some crystal clear and some with bubbles. These are special. You are special. You should have these, and give these... to your special peeps.

Swell Water bottles, let's keep our plastic out of the oceans. 
S'well bottles are a must for everyone that exercises, commutes, studies or just breathes. Super insulated double stainless steel walls keep cold drinks cold for 24 hours and your hot beverages hot for 12 hours. Great for gents and ladies alike. Don't give a knock off, nobody likes a knock off.

TGK employees are transitioning or have transitioned out of homelessness
Give a gift that gives and gives. The Giving Keys are one of those items that have a beautiful backstory. Truly one of my favorite things to wear and to gift to my friends. I am always searching for lines that "do good" and are beautiful. The French Hen is proud to offer The Giving Keys. I have noticed that the 20-40 year old artsy-type of girl really loves these. Do you have one of those on your list? My key says "create" and yes, I'm way past the 20-40 age group, but I am a little artsy.

Part 2 of The Holiday Gift Guide will be along soon. stay tuned.

Friday, October 14, 2016

pay it forward

Something happened in the shop on Wednesday that I want to share. A very chic lady, who has been a customer for years, was in to see the store in our Chester location before meeting a friend for lunch at the River Tavern. Also in the store, a young lady assembling a gift for a girlfriend battling breast cancer. The two customers began chatting and having fun. The younger customer explained that she was an art teacher off from work for the jewish holiday... When the lady on her way to lunch checked out, she left a contribution for the gift for the art teacher's friend- with her finger to her lips in a "shhh" signal. Needless to say the art teacher was delighted and with glistening eyes said she was inspired to pay it forward. Me too.