Monday, April 11, 2016

Nothing beats navy

When it comes to beach house interiors my vote will always be for navy and white.

It's crisp, clean and just right for water side living. Curtains, floor coverings, linens, dishes, accessories...all navy, white or both. Just an occasional pop of yellow or red...that's what makes me happy.

Here are a few (very few) of those items, in stock now that will help you achieve that casual, sunny look. We have so many more great coastal items in house and are excited to begin welcoming back our summer people.
great little metal pails, true throw backs, fill with a little sand to use as ash cans, use as compost bins, organize small toys, magazines
rectangular dishes with a deep edge, for serving snacks or controlling your jewelry on the bathroom counter
soft hampers to keep the laundry nicely contained

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Class of 2016

My "baby" is about to graduate from high school with a ceremony over Memorial Day weekend. As my youngest prepares for this milestone in life, my husband and I have been doing some reminiscing and the usual marveling at how fast time flies. We are so proud and happy for him, for everything that he has accomplished, the wonderful young man that he has become and for all of the wonderful things that lie ahead. Do you have any graduates in your family this year? Good Luck to them all! Class of 2016!!!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

giving a little is cool

Introducing a new line at the shop: The Giving Keys. Each real key is stamped with an empowering word. Wear it around your neck and when you are ready pass it on to someone who needs some inspiration. Give the key. The best part of the whole thing, the keys are cleaned, stamped and packaged by people transitioning out of homelessness. The keys are a literal and figurative key to having a roof over their heads and a bed of their own to sleep in every night, The Giving Keys.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

hostess with the most-est

home today not feeling so well, I was surfing around on line and came across these sweet tablescapes for your Easter celebrations. We have what you need in stock to complete any of these looks. I like the simpler tablescapes so the focus is in the delicious meal. How about you?

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit

The sun is shining and the birds are singing today, March 1. What's the old saying...? If March comes in like a lamb it goes out like a lion? Oh boy. Hopefully the lamb will stick it out through April.

With this turn of the calendar, it's time for Spring cleaning, time to get the winter dust off of every surface. After all is clean and fresh take a look around at your home to see what's looking tired. Is it time to freshen up those old throw pillows? Maybe it's time to change up the wall art? Scan your interiors with eyes' of a guest. We get so used to seeing that dusty lampshade that we actually stop seeing it. A little perking up is in deserve it! We have adorable little potted succulents and orchids (both faux). Don't forget to include a florally- scented candle.

Easter is early...March 27. Hop on in for a bunny.

Friday, February 5, 2016

gift show wrap up

Well, that's a wrap on gift show season. I had a productive trip to the Gift Mart in Atlanta in early January and just recently returned from a fun stint in NYC and the show at Javits. Some might think attending both shows excessive but I think it's imperative in order to bring my customers the best.
Here's a little summary of a few trends I observed at market.

Jewelry is small and delicate, light chains, small stud earrings. Lots of semi precious stones in natural shapes ( roughly cut and just lightly polished). These designs are really young and beautiful and somehow remind me of summer.
It's written in the stars....the constellation necklace with herkimer diamonds, now in stock.

Purses are big and slouchy...some with laser cut patterns, lots of vegan (non-leather) materials. Hobo is still the shape to have, I only wish everything didn't get so lost in the bottom of this silhouette. Try as I might to utilize numerous zippered pouches- I still end up scrounging around the bottom of the bag in search of something. Colors are toned down and soft. Sadly, fringe remains.

Interiors are BLUE again. There was a distinct absence of blue for the last few years and I am so happy to report that there was a ton of, sky, aqua and my favorite gray-blue on upholstery, walls, pillows and tabletop in all of the showrooms. Let's face it, Connecticut likes blue and always will with or without "designer" approval. It's just nice to be able to access lots of what we like. Green was well represented in these categories too. Embossed green drinking glasses will be arriving in Essex shortly.

Animals....cows, goats, chickens, dogs are represented in whimsically collaged fabrics on pillows, hand towels and wall art. Super cute for casual spaces inspired by the "prairie style" that HGTV's, Fixer Upper, has popularized. 

Metallics are everywhere. I found this most interesting when put with raw woods and rustic materials. I like the adjacency of refined formality with rustic. Think delicate champagne flutes decorated with gold flowers (now in stock) on a rough-hewn wooden tray. I love pops of the metallic in the form of candles, rims on trays and glasses and in holiday decor. Next Christmas you will see some warm gold garlands and ornaments at The French Hen...a more formal look for the holidays. 
fabulous flutes festooned with gold. kir royale? (now in stock and ready to put into to action for your valentine festivities)

Nautical was plentiful and I sourced the good stuff for Essex...think easy breezy entertaining at the cottage or on the boat where sandy feet and wet bathing suits are a sign of a summer day lived right. Machine washable, unbreakable, relax.