Tuesday, November 21, 2017


What we are loving today...FinchBerry Soaps! All natural food grade ingredients...but don't bite them. LOVE these! Vegan, Artisan, preservative free and made in the USA!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

make mine french.... gifts for the francophiles

a porcelain box inside another little box

too awesome to just hang on your tree...this guy stays out all year

Paris is always a good idea

chin chin

Monday, January 23, 2017

Not so New Neutrals, ahhhhh

Have you been shopping lately or had the chance to leisurely leaf through any new catalogs?

The trend that I am picking up on for spring is serenity, eco-chic, spa, super chill and not fussy. Colors are soft and muted, grays, oatmeal, cream, heather-ed pink and maybe a pop of navy if you dare. The fab bright tangerines and fuchsias that we've come to expect with springtime palettes aren't showing up at all and frankly would look garish in the sea of tranquility that seems to be favored. 

We are seeing this trend in everything from clothing, entertaining and even in baby. 

Could this be a response to what's happening in the ugly world of politics...? I think consumers need to feel a bit of calm and what better place to feel it than in our homes and wardrobes? That's my take on what's new....what do you think?