Wednesday, January 26, 2011

e fair

Well, the e fair is this weekend (YAY!!) and this winter of endless snow has prevented me from appropriately preparing for the festivities... Everytime I go in to the shop to price and pack the goodies, I get the call that school getting out early, going in late or is all-together cancelled. But don't fret my lovelies, we are bringing the merch! The main offerings will be our newest scarves and jewelry at 30% off. Fabulous scarves..with trims and collaged fabrics. Very spring, very french! We will also have some Easter decor at deep discounts! It's going to be an amazing shopping experience..."e" is actually for experience, in case you hadn't heard. And ladies, this one, this experience is going to be rocking!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

color of 2011: Honeysuckle

Honeysuckle, the "adult" shade of pink, has been named the color of 2011 by Pantone, the color-services company whose advice influences what we're sold to wear, decorate with and even eat off of. Honeysuckle is not the puffy-fluffy pastel pink of cotton candy but a reddish-pink with blue undertones. It's sophisticated and stimulating but not agressive. You can really jazz up your winter grays with a splash of this perfect pink. Wardrobes can be brightened up and totally updated with just a hint of this color trend. And since every single skintone, light or dark, is complemented by the pink tones you can't really go wrong here. Have you ever noticed how handsome men look wearing a pale pink oxford or bright coral polo? Wrap your neck in a pink scarf and you are absolutely current and your skin glows! But when it comes to interior design use honeysuckle with some restraint. Don't do a whole room or a room-sized rug. Pillows or single accent walls are the way to go with honeysuckle. Beautiful when toned down a bit by pairing it with the more masculine neutrals like taupe, gray and brown.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

shopping for new goodies...

Tomorrow I go the NYC for the accessories show. Spring scarves, jewelry and purses await. Next Saturday off to ATL for the housewares, candles, art, lamps....excited. We're going to get back to our roots a little bit with s of lots of french table linens.