Monday, April 11, 2016

Nothing beats navy

When it comes to beach house interiors my vote will always be for navy and white.

It's crisp, clean and just right for water side living. Curtains, floor coverings, linens, dishes, accessories...all navy, white or both. Just an occasional pop of yellow or red...that's what makes me happy.

Here are a few (very few) of those items, in stock now that will help you achieve that casual, sunny look. We have so many more great coastal items in house and are excited to begin welcoming back our summer people.
great little metal pails, true throw backs, fill with a little sand to use as ash cans, use as compost bins, organize small toys, magazines
rectangular dishes with a deep edge, for serving snacks or controlling your jewelry on the bathroom counter
soft hampers to keep the laundry nicely contained