Friday, October 14, 2016

pay it forward

Something happened in the shop on Wednesday that I want to share. A very chic lady, who has been a customer for years, was in to see the store in our Chester location before meeting a friend for lunch at the River Tavern. Also in the store, a young lady assembling a gift for a girlfriend battling breast cancer. The two customers began chatting and having fun. The younger customer explained that she was an art teacher off from work for the jewish holiday... When the lady on her way to lunch checked out, she left a contribution for the gift for the art teacher's friend- with her finger to her lips in a "shhh" signal. Needless to say the art teacher was delighted and with glistening eyes said she was inspired to pay it forward. Me too.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Home and time to get cozy

The summer months had my husband and I on the move, we were in the garden, on the deck, on the boat, at the beach, eating out-basically every night and just never home. While the shorter days bum me out, I don't entirely object to the arrival of fall and the way it seems to call me home. And now that I am here, I see that this place needs a little love and attention. After a deep clean and a call to the window washers I wanted to find ways to make our house feel cozy for the fall.

First let's start with food! We are cooking and eating in our own kitchen. I found some new recipes and the results have been surprisingly wonderful. I am not at all talented in the kitchen so this is big news around the home front. A couple of our favorite new dishes are "cheater's chicken cordon bleu" and chicken/pineapple/bacon kabobs on rice. Our newly empty-nest has changed our approach to it feels less like a required duty and more like something nice to do for ourselves...sorry kids! It's just comes down to having more time.

Next, to freshen up the interior and transition it to autumn, Layering with new pillows, throws and scented candles. I don't waste money on cheap candles because here is where you really get what you pay for.  I am exposed to many, many candles and the difference between a good candle and a cheapo is significant. The burn (clean or sooty), the fragrance quality, the fragrance throw...all much nicer when you are willing to spend a little more. You're breathing this stuff in so go for quality.  Try one of our Lafco candles. They come in a beautiful mouth-blown glass vessel, they smell amazing and when burned correctly they last for 90 hours! My new fave.

Now to put out my Halloween decorations and probably get weepy because I miss the kids. I have the Lori Mitchell trick or treaters attired in costumes that my boys had. Pirate, fire fighter and sweet pea...sniff, sniff.