Wednesday, January 26, 2011

e fair

Well, the e fair is this weekend (YAY!!) and this winter of endless snow has prevented me from appropriately preparing for the festivities... Everytime I go in to the shop to price and pack the goodies, I get the call that school getting out early, going in late or is all-together cancelled. But don't fret my lovelies, we are bringing the merch! The main offerings will be our newest scarves and jewelry at 30% off. Fabulous scarves..with trims and collaged fabrics. Very spring, very french! We will also have some Easter decor at deep discounts! It's going to be an amazing shopping experience..."e" is actually for experience, in case you hadn't heard. And ladies, this one, this experience is going to be rocking!

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Erica said...

thanks for spreading the love, Laurie!!