Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What a summer it was, albeit way too fast. One of our busiest, so a warm thank you to all of our visitors. I've gotten some very nice compliments about our lovely summer helpers, Stephanie and Katlyn. The basement at "the hen" is loaded to the rafters with cartons containing Holiday merchandise. It's quite daunting and would surely frighten any non-retailer folk. I have been chipping away at the mountain and it's actually a little like Christmas for me as I open each box since I've (almost) forgotten what I ordered last January. Again, I am covered in glitter at the end of the day...a hazard of the job. Christmas will go out a bit earlier than in years past. I hate to push it but lots of customers (and I mean the ones who buy significantly) have requested an earlier holiday launch. I can oblige, I think, I hope. :-)
sneak peak of Dream Ship ornament. so sweet.

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