Thursday, March 29, 2012

staying in touch

Great news! I have doubled the greeting card department at The Hen! There are so many choices for all occasions and of course plenty of cards that can be sent off in the post to just say hello.

Isn't real mail marvelous? When I get something in my mailboxes that isn't a bill or some type of official statement or "offer" my heart skips a little beat. As miraculous as the internet is, it can never completely conjure up the delight of getting a piece of "real mail". You can't tie up your emails with a beautiful satin ribbon like a stack of cherished cards or letters. We've been watching (and enjoying) Downton Abbey on Netflix and I love the scenes where someone is handed a letter that contains actual information, life-changing, jaw-dropping information. Today we might get that through our smart phones via text. Make someone's day and send off a hello.

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