Wednesday, June 22, 2011

update from "the hen"

I haven't posted in so long...been a little busy with the closing of our gallery. Left Bank Gallery Essex opened a little over 3 years ago right next door to The French Hen. The overhead for a 5,000 sq foot space on Main St in Essex is, well...astronomical and the numbers (and economy) were just not worthwhile. We have enjoyed the experience immensely, and have certainly learned A LOT in the last three years through the gallery. We have learned about art, the value of great employees, what is possible and about managing the personalities and expectations of 60+ artists at any given moment. I have met wonderful artists and clients, all of whom seem truly saddened by our closing which is touching. I am proud of what we accomplished at LBGE and feel great about bringing so much wonderful art to our community...some of it even pushed the envelope a bit! But, time to move on and take care of the family and "the hen." I am looking forward to spending more time in my little shop which I pop on by and say hello.

Introducing a new jewelry line: Alex and Ani, a female-owned(love that)company out of Rhode Island. The jewelry is beautiful, has great intentions and it promotes good energy.

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