Thursday, January 28, 2010

this is exciting!

The French Hen will be closing for a couple of weeks after Valentine's Day for a bit of a facelift. Just a freshen up, botox here, paint and spackle there. When we reopen in mid-March there will be a new logo for our signage, bags, wrapping and business cards. That's what I think I am most thrilled about...the new branding material. It will be nice to give the little hen a bit of attention, she is 5 years old this Valentine's Day after all. That's pretty old, especially when I think about it in terms of my childrens' years. My Danny-boy was 6 and Seamus was 7 and half when the doors first opened! Wow! Now at 11 and 13, life has changed - of course. As I recently read, the days may be long but the years are short when you are watching your children grow.

During the brief time that The French Hen will be closed, our Pandora jewelry will be temporarily housed right next door at Left Bank Gallery Essex for customer convenience. So the sale of Pandora will not be interupted in Essex, phew! It will give folks a chance to wander amidst the magic of 5000 square feet of art & soul.

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Relics said...


I love all those colors !!

I'm so tired winter and all of these shades of winter grey...I'm so ready for Spring...