Sunday, January 11, 2009

and this little french hen went to market...

Hey Y'all, that's how we talk down here in Atlanta, where the hospitality is so warm even strangers smile at each other as they cross the street. I have been here at market for 2 days now and you could never tell that there is an "economic crisis" underway - based on attendance and the orders being written. I admit that I am buying carefully and even considering how to work products around existing inventory to make everything seem new and absolutely irresistible.

We have become very well-known at "the hen" for our special spring and Easter displays.No one will be disappointed this year. Yes, we will have the classic velveteen rabbits with their basket brimming with woodland violets and some really clever new things too. The customers who travel across state lines for the spring goodies will have made a worthwhile trip.

I found some very sweet things for young girls to give their "BFFs"...trinket boxes, hand mirrors, jewelry all with great price points. And for the big girls - furniture, ahh, my favorite thing to buy...settees, an upholstered bed with a curved foot board that just oozes with relaxing luxuriousness, grain sack pillows, lamps, the perfect marble top dining table. Jewelery, of course Pandora has some great new offerings for spring. I was able to plan the trunk show for Valentine's day with my sales rep, Barbara, amid the chaos of the 4th floor in Bldg 3. Other jewelery includes delicate stone and wire work set in sterling silver and then there will be more of the bold, chunky pearls. Oh! And books! Stunning books, clever, cute, beautiful...lots of books. They will add so much to the mix this year. I think they will get snapped up as soon as they are unpacked. Love the one titled What Happy Parents Do, it's the perfect baby shower gift.
Tomorrow is another day. Peace.

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