Monday, January 14, 2008

Atlanta Gift Show

Well, it's Day 4 for me here at the Atlanta Gift Show and I have found some really great new merchandise for "the hen". I picked out beautiful new linens for your tables, stunning dishware with a beachy theme, subtle tacky flip flops here. Don't get me wrong, flip flops can be very cute but I think we have seen about enough, don't you? I have selected adorable PJs in a pink and green toile and plenty of very feminine bath and body products. Lollia has expanded their line again and has added new fragrances. Plus, they will soon be offering Relax in a cologne! I know, I know, finally they have listened to our many requests and should be offering it this summer. I, for one, adore the Relax fragrance and plan to use it as my signature scent. There will be lots of new delectable surprises for you, your valentines and your Easter Baskets.

One of the highlights of the show was a "curious dinner" party held at the Pleasant Peasant restaurant. The dinner was arranged by the owner of the Curious Sofa in Prairie Village, Kansas, Debbie Dusenberry. Twenty of her blog readers, who happen to be shop owners from all over the country, met for a lovely dinner and lively shop talk. What fun! Debbie and her home were most recently featured in (and on the cover of) the January issue of Country Living magazine. Check out Debbie's website and blog, she rocks. Her talents are more than numerous; photo stylist, makeup artist, successful business entrepreneur and fun. I will post some photos when I get home.


The Blissful said...

Hi, Laurie--

So glad you got to attend Debbie's dinner party! Sounds like it was a pretty moving experience for everyone involved. :) I wasn't able to go, but would have loved to have joined in the fun and fellowship.

I think you and found the same PJs in Atlanta! We also ordered them in the other two colorways. :)

Glad the show was good for you. My own Market report is coming soon!


Traditions Journal said...

Hi Laurie,
Too bad we didn't have time to talk at the Curious dinner sure was fun! Maybe next time...Sue