Monday, October 29, 2007

Baby it's (going to get) cold outside

We just recieved a lovely selection of gloves and hats. The gloves are the kind that make me long for the colder weather. We have soft fingerless gloves in gorgeous colors like baby blue, cream, scarlet and pistachio. I have a prediction... fingerless gloves are here to stay, for awhile anyway. They are great for those chilly days that don't quite threaten of frostbite, for when you need to find your keys, sip your tea or paint a masterpiece. We have some fantastic "opera-length" gloves (full fingers) that are adorned with four delicate little buttons. The long gloves are great for the cape-wearing fashionistas. The shop is lush with product. Christmas is only 2 months away. We will be fully decked-out with glitter and sparkles by this weekend.

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